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The Loyalty Market is💻 changing fast.

Demand for loyalty solutions is growing fast with multiple new loyalty programs launched and more coming to market. Some of this is driven by the hunt for first party data and some by changes forced by the regulator in payments and open banking.

More loyalty vendors and solutions are available to enterprises than ever before. New loyalty platforms from offshore have won almost all loyalty tenders in the last 2 years. More marketers are making their first foray into loyalty while all need to navigate the increasingly fragmented landscape of potential solutions.

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Expand your reach by exploring our ever-growing list of platforms, curated to meet a variety of needs and niches.

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Our platform coverage spans across over 7 countries, making it easier for you to connect globally.

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Join a strong community of around 200 loyalty managers, all geared towards success in customer engagement and retention.

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We've been adding an average of 10 new platforms every month since February, highlighting our rapid growth and commitment to providing you with more options.

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